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Creating Your Marijuana Business Plan

How a Florida Medical Marijuana Lawyer Can Help

Hiring an experienced marijuana lawyer is an important step in starting a business in this growing billion dollar industry. A skilled medical marijuana attorney from the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, will guide you through the first critical step in the complex process of launching your marijuana business in Florida: creating a detailed marijuana business plan.

A business owner should not tackle a medical marijuana business plan alone. The attorneys at the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, understand the intricacies of marijuana laws in Florida. We stay apprised of all legal issues and possess powerful industry information related to the growing, selling, and distribution of medical marijuana throughout Florida. We will ensure our business owner clients follow all applicable rules and regulations to remain in compliance with Florida law as we help them establish their marijuana businesses.

Steps of a Successful Business Plan in Florida

If you are interested in owning and operating a medical marijuana treatment center (also referred to as a dispensary), grow house or delivery service, contact the Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm to discuss your options. At the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, we offer consulting services, and will guide you through every step of creating a comprehensive business plan.

Our medical marijuana lawyers will help you with all legal aspects of starting your business, including:

  • Completing business license forms, such as the dispensary license form
  • Using legal, accurate wording on forms and in your business plan while avoiding unnecessary self-incrimination
  • Developing a security plan for your treatment center, dispensary or delivery service
  • Creating a financial spreadsheet that details your projected expenses and income during the first year of your marijuana business
  • Creating a plan for product labeling, packaging and safety
  • Securing loans, investors and liability insurance for your business

Starting a cannabis business in Florida is an expensive endeavor. Business owners may be hesitant to incur the extra expense in retaining a Florida marijuana lawyer to assist with the process; however, the savvy marijuana business owner knows that the assistance of a Florida marijuana attorney is a necessary investment that will bring substantial returns for the life of the business.

Contact a Florida Marijuana Attorney to Learn More

To learn more about the medical marijuana legal and general consulting services our Firm offers, or for help creating a Florida medical marijuana business plan contact the medical marijuana lawyers and professionals at the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, at 561-777-7700 or 1-844-WEED-LAW (1-844-933-3529).