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Criminal Defense


Laws across the country related to medical marijuana have changed rapidly in recent years, as have public views on marijuana use and Florida is no different. Today, more than 30 states have moved forward in either de-criminalizing marijuana or making cannabis legal for certain medical uses.  As time has shown, there is less public support for long jail sentences for those who grow, use, or sell marijuana and penalties for these crimes have been relaxed or eliminated.  Case in point, certain cities across Florida have passed laws lessening the penalties for small amounts of cannabis possession.

That said, however, the federal government has not changed marijuana laws and federal authorities sometimes crack down on grow houses and medical marijuana treatment center dispensaries. In some cases, federal authorities have enforced federal laws in states where medical marijuana is legal.  As long as marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, there will be risks for those in the pot business. Business men and women who are considering starting a marijuana operation as Florida loosens the laws on marijuana use should be aware of the risks. Either way, it is important to have a skilled medical marijuana attorney on your side to help best protect your interests.

Another risk of operating a marijuana business is civil trial litigation. As an emerging industry, problems are certain to arise which will require resolution through the court system – just like any other business. If you are conducting business in the medical marijuana industry, you will need an experienced trial lawyer with an understanding of your states marijuana laws.


Criminal Defense Lawyers for Marijuana


Federal laws are distinct from the states rules and marijuana remains a Schedule I drug that is not considered to be legal for any use under federal law. Therefore, even a grow-house licensed in any legal state, such as Florida or Washington State, could potentially run in contradiction to federal regulations.

Even if your marijuana business complies with all of your state’s cannabis laws, the Federal government can still decide to prosecute you for violations of federal law.  Being charged with federal drug crimes is serious and the penalties for conviction are grave. Consult an experienced criminal defense lawyer for help understanding the charges and raising defenses against the criminal accusations. Your marijuana attorney can determine if evidence was collected legally and help develop the best strategy to minimize the penalties associated with conviction or secure a not-guilty verdict.


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