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Cultivation and Farming


The cultivation and farming of marijuana requires specialized skills and talent. Those who have the knowledge and ability to grow cannabis plants may soon have exciting new business opportunities. What’s more, due to the wonderful growing climate in Florida, the options in growing marijuana are not limited to indoor grows, but also outdoor cultivation.

The marijuana industry is a burgeoning industry and state laws are rapidly changing to provide new opportunities for cultivation and farming; Florida is no different. Our dedicated marijuana attorneys have developed an in-depth knowledge of the Florida marijuana laws as well as an extensive network of professionals and organizations that can aid in the success of your new business.

If you want to become a part of the new cannabis industry, you should act quickly. Call the Shiner Law Group today to start the process of forming a business plan and learn more about the rules and regulations associated with marijuana farming.

Help with Marijuana Farming and Cultivation


If you are interested in marijuana farming, you need a marijuana law firm that understands how the laws and regulatory system work. Our cannabis lawyers can help you:

  • Develop a business plan
  • Secure an insurer
  • Locate a dispensary or grow-house
  • Locate financial firms willing to work in the medical and/or recreational marijuana industry
  • Understand the laws and city ordinances regulating zoning, building design and equipment issues
  • Select a cannabis strain and grow method
  • Harvest, process and package your product

Contact the professionals at the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, today to discuss your business at 561-777-7700 or 1-844-WEED-LAW (1-844-933-3529).