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Firm Overview


It is not often that entrepreneurs are able to start business in an industry that has never existed before, but it is happening throughout the United States right now and right here in Florida. The projections for the medical marijuana industry are promising. In 2014 more than $2 billion of legal marijuana was sold in the United States and some estimates suggest the legal marijuana market will exceed 7 billion dollars in the next few years. With help from the medical marijuana lawyers and professionals at the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, you can be part of this emerging and growing industry. Our marijuana lawyers can help you understand your state’s marijuana laws and guide you as you start your new business.


What We Do


The Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, represents clients in the various emerging businesses in the marijuana industry and we continue to be at the forefront of the legal cannabis field as the laws continue to change. The marijuana lawyers and professionals at our Firm have assisted individuals and businesses throughout the United States who operate in the field of legal medical marijuana – from Washington state to Florida – and our attorneys are equipped to help clients start a successful business as a medical marijuana dispensary or grow house.  

The details and technicalities involved in launching a marijuana business are complex. Key initial steps include:


    • Meeting the qualifications for a medical marijuana treatment center or dispensary


    • Choosing a business model and a form for your business organization


    • Navigating and complying with all regulations and laws


    • Securing sufficient insurance coverage


    • Establishing a relationship with a financial institution willing to work with someone in the marijuana industry



The Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, can take assist in all of these areas, advising and guiding you as your business develops in the emerging medical marijuana market. Growing and distributing medical marijuana requires effort and talent for producing the perfect plants that can provide relief from the medical burdens of the people who need it. Working with our firm lets you focus your attention on the parts of the business that are most important to you; leave the compliance and paperwork to us.

Get Help Today from the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm

At the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, we are licensed to practice in many different states and we’ have made it our job to know all of those states marijuana laws. Our marijuana lawyers and professionals are ready to use our knowledge and skills to help you with your new marijuana business. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more: 1-844-WEED-LAW (1-844-933-3529).

Note that, despite medical and recreational marijuana being legalized in many states, the use, possession, sale or purchase of marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Contact our attorneys with any questions you may have regarding state or federal marijuana law.