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Florida medical marijuana laws have changed significantly in recent years and more changes are on the horizon, especially with the wide spread acceptance throughout America. With relaxed laws permitting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of new opportunities throughout the United States.  By joining the medical marijuana industry, you have the opportunity to build a successful business in a burgeoning area while providing much-needed relief to patients suffering from severe medical problems.

Understanding your options for growing, distributing, and selling marijuana are complicated since the laws continue to evolve, and Florida is no different.  It is important to be represented by a Florida law firm that has focused on helping Florida medical marijuana businesses since the beginning of efforts to legalize the drug in the state. Our firm has been recognized as a leading firm in the field of Florida medical marijuana laws and we can advise you on getting your medical marijuana operations started.  At the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, our legal professionals our business is making your marijuana business grow.


Understanding Florida Medical Marijuana Laws


In 2016 Floridians overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment opening the door for a constitutional right to use marijuana for medical purposes; this initiative was commonly referred to as Amendment 2.  Prior to this passage however, Florida had already implemented laws relaxing the use of cannabis for medical purposes, this was referred to as the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.   The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act was passed in 2014 and made it possible for Florida physicians to prescribe medical marijuana for patients with cancer or seizure disorders. This law permitted five dispensaries to open in Florida but imposed strict limits on who could grow and sell marijuana. According to the Act:

  • Only low THC cannabis could be made available to patients.
  • Qualified patients had to be added to a compassionate use registry by a licensed physician.
  • The patient had to be a permanent Florida resident.
  • If the patient was under the age of 18, a second physician had to concur that medical marijuana use was appropriate.
  • One dispensary could be authorized in each region including northwest Florida, northeast Florida, central Florida, southern Florida and southwest Florida.
  • Dispensaries could be authorized only if they were able to cultivate low THC cannabis and if they had a certificate of registration issued for the cultivation of more than 400,000 plants.
  • The dispensary must be operated by a nurseryman and must have been operated as a registered nursery in the state of Florida for at least 30 continuous years.
  • The dispensary must be able to prove it can secure the premises; that it has the financial ability to maintain operations for at least the two years of the approval cycle for dispensaries; and that it can maintain accountability for all raw materials and byproducts.

These requirements make it difficult to qualify as a dispensary and are very restrictive regarding the use of medical marijuana.

However, with the recent passage of Amendment 2, the laws related to cannabis use will develop further allowing more people afflicted with medical conditions to legally use cannabis.     The Florida 2016 Amendment 2 language that passed allows doctors to certify anyone with a debilitating condition if potential benefits outweigh health risks. The Florida legislature would be tasked with responsibility for establishing specific laws governing medical marijuana recommendations and sales related to medical marijuana treatment center dispensaries, cannabis grows, etc.


The Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm Can Help


The Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm has been carefully monitoring medical marijuana laws throughout the United States and in Florida. At our law firm, our marijuana lawyers are already assisting individuals like you with preparing their businesses for the legal marijuana marketplace.

At the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, our firm is uniquely prepared to help you work within Florida medical marijuana laws to build a new business in the marijuana industry. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our services can help you influence this industry: call 1-844-WEED-LAW (1-844-933-3529) to schedule a Free No-Obligation Consultation.