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Real Estate Consulting


Considering opening a marijuana grow house or medical marijuana treatment center dispensary?  Starting any business related to medical marijuana is a complicated process, with many factors to take into consideration as the laws and regulations governing the medical marijuana industry continue to evolve and change.

Consulting with an experienced Florida marijuana attorney is important to ensuring you are operating in accordance with the rules and restrictions of your states marijuana laws. Together we can maximize the success of your business and avoid any unnecessary conflict with the city, state and federal governing bodies.


Complying with Marijuana Real Estate Laws – a Marijuana Lawyer Can Help


Our experienced and successful marijuana lawyers at the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, can assist you in locating a medical-marijuana-friendly landlord if you plan to rent your cultivation site. We can handle all lease or purchase negotiations, and will also help you obtain the financing and zoning approvals needed to get your Florida marijuana business off the ground.

And, if the times comes when you wish to sell or purchase the assets of a marijuana dispensary, the Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm can help you manage that process from start to finish, including contracts, paperwork and negotiations.

At the Shiner Law Group, a Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm, our licensed medical marijuana attorneys work with experienced real estate teams across the country and in Florida to find approved dispensary and grow house locations. We can also connect you with a trusted construction team when it is time to build your dispensary. Depending on where you would like to do business, local regulations may impose restrictions on your company’s distance from schools, public places and tourist hot spots. These regulations change based on local decisions made by cities and counties throughout the state.

As marijuana lawyer leaders in this emerging industry, our law firm can help you find a place for your business to grow while helping you navigate intricate and evolving laws and regulations. Our experienced marijuana attorneys and professionals can assist with:

  • Research and select the best site for their dispensary and grow house
  • Manage all property leasing or purchasing contract negotiations
  • Manage issues related to financing or zoning
  • Build a medical marijuana treatment center dispensary, including connecting them with a trusted construction team
  • Handle all associated legal applications and paperwork
  • Remain updated on new developments in the law that may affect their plans
  • Handle security, insurance and employment matters


Contact Our Experienced Cannabis Lawyers to Begin the Search


For help with real estate acquisition and other legal issues relating to your medical marijuana business, contact the Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm at 561-777-7700 or 1-844-WEED-LAW (1-844-933-3529), day or night. Our bilingual staff and attorneys are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you call, be sure to request a consultation with one of our dedicated marijuana attorneys.