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Washington State


Washington State Marijuana License Types, Rules and Requirements

There are three types of marijuana licenses in the State of Washington: licenses for marijuana producers, processors, and retailers. No business is allowed to hold all three licenses. A licensee is allowed to hold both producer and processor licenses, but neither producers nor processors may also be licensed as retailers. All three types of license carry a $250 non-refundable application fee along with an annual fee of $1000 for license issuance and renewal.

Marijuana Producer licenses are divided into three tiers. Tier 1 Marijuana Producers are allowed to have up to two thousand square feet of “dedicated plant canopy” in order to produce pot to sell at wholesale to Marijuana Processors. Tier 2 Marijuana Producers may have between two thousand and ten thousand square feet of plant canopy for producing pot to sell at wholesale. Tier 3 Marijuana Producers may have between ten thousand and thirty thousand square feet of plant canopy for producing pot to sell at wholesale.

Licensed Marijuana Processors are allowed to process, package and label pot as well as pot-infused products for sale at wholesale to Marijuana Retailers. Marijuana Processors are also allowed to blend multiple lots of marijuana into one single package to sell to a Marijuana Retailer, as long as the label requirements for each lot included in the blend are met and the percentage by weight of each lot is listed on the label.

Finally, licensed Marijuana Retailers are allowed to sell pot, pot-infused products, and related paraphernalia to customers who are at least 21 years old. Marijuana Retailers must sell their products through a retail outlet, and may not sell pot through the Internet or via a delivery service.

The Liquor Control Board initially released only a limited number of retailer licenses — 24, as of early July 2014. Though only four businesses so far have opened their doors to customers, other licensees have plans to open pot shops in Arlington, Tacoma and several other Washington cities in the coming months.

In order to obtain their marijuana licenses, business owners were required to complete their Business License Application and a Liquor Control Board Marijuana Addendum. If an entrepreneur was forming a corporation or a limited liability company, he or she was required first to register with the Washington Secretary of State’s office and submit a non-refundable filing fee before filing the marijuana license application with the Business Licensing Service.

Medical marijuana is also legal in Washington State, along with recreational marijuana (although the use, sale, production and possession of cannabis for any reason is still illegal under federal law). The Washington State Liquor Control Board has no authority over medical marijuana; rather, the Washington State Department of Health manages all issues related to medical marijuana.

As for the recreational marijuana industry, at some point in the future, the Washington State Liquor Control Board will once again resume accepting applications for marijuana processor, producer and retailer licenses. Any business owner wishing for more information on marijuana licensing requirements or other related issues please contact the Florida Marijuana Business Law Firm at 844-WEED-LAW or visit us at 844WEEDLAW.Com